martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Called to Controversy, Ruth Rosen

Before reading this book I didn't know anything about Moishe Rosen and after reading it, I know just a few things: First, he was controversial for Jesus and willing to live up to his calling. Second, he wasn't 'perfect' (at least, not our common idea of perfection). And last, we should imitate his faith, as Hebrews 13:7 says.
In a country like mine (Guatemala, Central America) we christians don't know a lot of jewish people but we know a lot about religion and religious behavior. Even I have some bitter encounter with the 'status quo' that have been anything but pretty.
For me, the life of Moishe Rosen, his work for Jesus and his legacy in his family is an example of faith in the practice, because any christian should understand that he or she is called to controversy when called by Jesus to testify about Him in a world (the personal world) that doesn't want to know a thing about the King of kings.
The reading is good, but it feels long so, get yourself a 'patience tea' and stick to it because it's a good book.
I want to end this little comment with a great and powerful phrase from Moishe Rosen: "Don't let your friends happen to you; don't let life happen to you; don't let things happen to you. Make the kind of friends and the kind of life that you believe you ought to have" (emphasis added).
If you know that you have been called to 'greater things', then fight for that life, have the courage to look for it and found it in Jesus Christ.

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